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6. 12. – 7. 12. Fintech Impact CEE

There will be a meeting held in Katovice of members of polish Banks and global fintech companies. Appart of panel discussions, new upcoming companies will present themselves during Startup Arena or Startup4export. Czech fintech association is a partner of this event. You can find the timetable here.

25. 10. Fintech (R)evolution

There was a 4th year of the conference about cashless society and business held in Czech national bank. Michal Šmída, member of the association board was talking about a topic of cooperation of fintech companies and banks. Bartosz Berestecki, member of PayU added his experience regarding the polish market. Future of financial services was described by Jan LAmser of Redeggs. Media partner of this event, Hospodářské noviny, published an interview with a member of the board of CEFTAS, Andrea Lauren.

11. 10. When will we cease to love fat purses?

Digital technology leades to paperless transactions, dramatically lowers transaction costs, gets rid of the costly middlemen, prevents tax fraud and improves security. At the same time, it brings about doubts of too much control and surveillance . Vice-governor of the Czech National Bank, Mojmír Hampl, Aleš Michl, co-owner of QUANT investment fund, David Navrátil, main economist at Česká spořitelna, Miroslav Lukeš, director of MasterCard and Maria Staszkiewicz, CEO at Czech fintech association, discussed how best to support frictionless economy and e-government. FOr more information, please see the report.

The event was organized by the Institute for politics and society in cooperation with Česká spořitelna.

7. 10. The Future of Money

Not only does technological advancement lower the amount of cash in circulation, but it also brings new ways of transaction recording and saving of value. Oldřích Dědek, member of the Czech Nation Bank Council, Aleš Michl, co-owner of an algorithm-based investment fund, Jakub Jedlinský, Ph.D. and cryptocurrency expert, and crypto-anarchist Jan Hubík debate the future of money functions and forms. The debate was moderated by Maria Staszkiewicz, from the Czech Fintech Association, who also published an article Brave new money in Lidové noviny on that topic.

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