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Mastercard® Fintech Engage: Prague Event

9. 3. 2023

Dear Customer,
Technological advances and evolving customer expectations are changing the financial landscape, thereby stimulating fintech development and innovation. Unlocking the next wave of innovation, Mastercard is offering the fintech ecosystem a series of events across Central Europe to identify, accelerate, and realize the next game-changing fintech technologies.
Join us in Prague on March 9th as we explore how fintechs are shaping the future and what steps companies can take to stay ahead. Throughout the full-day event, our speakers including Vít Horký from Czech Founders VC, Zuzana Picková from CVCA, Ondřej Bartoš from Credo Ventures, Vojta Roček from Presto Ventures, Juraj Králik from Fintech Hub, Matej Ftáčnik from Vacuumlabs, William Jalloul from Flowpay, Michal Šmída from Twisto Payments, Patrik Nový from KB SmartSolutions, Pavel Šiška from Deloitte, Miroslav Lukeš from Czech Fintech Association, David Frei from Swan, Caroline Barnekow from Mastercard Lighthouse and more, will share insights as to how they are creating new solutions and unlocking revenue opportunities.
We also invite entrepreneurs to pitch their startup idea. The pitching competition aims to promote fintech innovators and to contribute to the strong Czech & Slovak fintech ecosystems.
Please register here before February 28th to attend the event LIVE