Fintech, in broad terms, is the application of modern technologies to render financial services cheaper, more convenient and available to everyone. Founded in 2016, Czech Fintech Assocation aims to support shared interests of fintech companies and entrepreneurs, shape the regulatory environment and, thereby, promotes the adotpion of cashless and frictionless solutions in all sorts of transactions.

The Association curates (i) networking events, chairs (ii) expert working groups and has the ambition to be a (iii) single point of contact for innovators, investors, regulators, policy makers and commercial partners in the Czech fitnech environment.

Maria Staszkiewicz, CEO

has spent last ten years on managing positions in non-profit organizations. Before joining the association, she worked at the Aspen Institute Central Europe. Maria strives to create and support an interdisciplinary community of experts in modern technologies, which contrbute to development of our society.


Maria Staszkiewicz - CEO
+420 734 335 434


Matěj Vácha

Partner at PELIKÁN KROFTA KOHOUTEK, Attorneys at law, where he leads a group focused on public sector and public law. Besides, he provides legal services to digital technology companies. Matěj is also actively engaged in the dialogue between business and the public sphere in the area of legislation and regulation.


Michal Kratochvíl - Chairman of the Board

CEO of BudgetBakers, which offers a global mobile app, Wallet, helping monitor family spendings. Michal is also the co-owner of StartupYard, a Czech accelerator for Central and Eastern European startups.


Michal Šmída

The founder & CEO of Twisto.cz. Together with his team he designs new financial services that make everday payments easier. Michal founded Twisto three years ago after spending 11 years in the US, Russia and England. Before Twisto, he worked four years at Barclays Capital in London.


Andrea Lauren

Andrea is an investment banker by trade and has more than 15 years of experience in the area of corporate finance. 
She came to Rockaway from the Czech investment bank Roklen, which she co-founded in 2014 and where she served as CEO of the first Czech crowdfunding investment platform, Fundlift.



Lubor Žalman

Partner at EnCor, former CEO of Raiffeisenbank Czech Republic


Petr Šmída

Partner at Enern, former CEO of Alfa Bank Russia and GE Money Bank Czech Republic


Jan Lamser

Private investor, former member of the board of ČSOB




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