About us


Czech Fintech Association

The Czech Fintech Association, founded in 2016, aims to support innovation in the financial sector, co-create a regulatory environment for its development, and thus promote an economy without barriers, paper and cash.

The association leads expert working groups, organises networking and expert events, and is a point of contact for innovators, investors, regulators and business partners.


What is FinTech?

Fintech – the combination of finance and technology – is a field that brings innovative solutions to financial services. Using modern tools and processes, fintech companies offer financial services more cheaply and conveniently, making them more accessible to all.

Management of the Association

Miroslav Lukeš

Miroslav Lukeš

Chairman of the Board

Ondřej Machač

Ondřej Machač

Executive Manager


Michal Šmída

CEO Twisto

Matěj Novák

CEO EasyChange Group

Michal Kratochvíl

CEO Budget Bakers

Matěj Vácha

Společník AK Pelikán Krofta Kohoutek